TWT is a cultural collective:

Collaborators: Currently, TWT is in collaboration with Snuff Puppets, United Act, GABFAI and Cardboard Citizens on a project due to take place in the North of Thailand (please see projects for more info).

Facilitators: Penelope Glass  Actor/director. Penny lives part-time between Australia and Chile. She has been involved in community theatre for over thirty years. She worked on Ghunghat, and is co-facilitating I AM ALSO HER. In addition, and when home in Chile, she co-facilitates theatre projects in the Colina 1 prison in Santiago-Chile (ongoing project since 2002). She worked for 12 years with Teatro Pasmi community theatre company, and now is part of the theatre collective Colectivo Sustento, which was formed in 2012 with three aims: theatre/arts – permaculture – social justice. Penny speaks English, Spanish and rusty French.

Myriam Bourez one of the founding member of the French Activist-Forum Theatre groups TFCH pourquoi pas? She has over 12 years of experience of using Theatre of the Oppressed, and developing Forum plays within her community. TO, is used to produce Forum spectacles that interrogate questions around homophobia, sexuality and gender. Her work also encompasses questions of sexism, violence in the class room, women working on building sites, homo-parentality, ‘phobia’ experienced by the parents of “GLBTQI” children/youth/adults. Forum Theatre is a tool through which together supports the community to interrogate, and speak about issues that deny freedoms, and basic rights. Through talking ‘together’ about these issues through FORUM theatre, there are opportunities to improve ones quality of life, and advocate for a more just world. Myriam speaks French, and English.

Xris Reardon’s seeks to use TO to create spaces for the excavation of collective knowings, buried in structures that cause conflict (personal, and otherwise). For Xris, creativity offers ways to question the reality we have absorbed, ingested and come to believe is “normal”.  Communities questioning together, in an atmosphere where we work to move beyond ego and identity – rights and wrong, can help transform damaging misunderstandings that alienate us from our dreams of a just world.  Xris trained with Augusto Boal in Legislative Theatre, Cops in our Heads, Rainbow of Desire, and The Future we are Afraid of. She also trained with David Diamond, whom she co-joked CONSUME, CONSUME, CONSUME with in Melbourne, Victoria. She works with the tools of TO, as well as other methods she gratefully received from Brunswick Women’s Theatre, Suzuki Training, SITI Theatre Co (Viewpoints training), River Chandler of TheatreWorks, the he/art of Angela de Castro as well as the critique of Lisa Ward plus countless others – has deeply confirmed her desires. Speaks a little Catalan, and Spanish. Understands better Spanish, Catalan, and French.

Documenters: Pamela Tsui Participated in 2012 project Ghunghat. She has since returned to Hong Kong where she works in the creative arts industry. She was totally key to the success of so much that went on behind the scenes. Lian Low artist, spoken word poet, writer, has been responsible for documenting several workshops on DVD.

Advisors (Board members):Borderlands Cooperative. Chalice. OASES postgraduate Institute.  Social Policy Research Unit, Good Shepard Youth and Family Services. Council Of Single Mothers and Their Children Inc. Rivendell Living and Learning Centre.

Funders: Australia Council, The Besen Family Foundation, Borderlands Coop, CANSA, Consumer Credit Funds, Cultural Development Network, Department of Education, Moreland City Council, OASES postgraduate institute, Rivendell – Living and Learning Centre, SYNOD, Social Justice Unit of the Uniting Church, The Chalice, Thornbury Women’s Neighbourhood House, Queensland Community Arts Network, Wesley City Mission, Yarra Valley Council, Indian-Australian Institute, Melbourne University. Legal Services Board. Drummond Street.


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