Past Training

Over the last ten years Third Way Theatre has facilitated training workshops covering a range of techniques included in the arsenal of Theatre of the Oppressed techniques systematized by Augusto Boal.

Techniques such as: Aesthetics of Theatre of the  Oppressed, Image Theatre, Forum Theatre, Joker Training, Legislative Theatre, Rainbow of Desire, and Wildest Dreams (TFL method)

Our focus has behind offering training,  has been to create the opportunity to grow a net-work of practitioners here in Australia, and more importantly practitioners who are not just applying methods, but in the anit-oppressive theory behind the work, the ethics of applying the work, and the focus on the community ownership, the place of change and transformation; theatre as cultural action.Training workshops always seek to ensure that free places are offered to community..members, past participants of Forum workshops etc; 

Asides from facilitating training ourselves, we have also hosted workshops with International practitioners. Our intention is to create opportunities for people within Australia, especially those who might not be otherwise able to access training abroad due to costs of travel, accommodation, etc; with practitioners with an extensive body of experience in the direct application of the work in community contexts.

To date the following International TO practitioners have presented training workshops to and for community.

Adrian Jackson (Cardboard Citizens. London, England)

Terry O’Leary (Cardboard Citizens. London, England)

Barbara Santos (Kuringa. Berlin)

Michele Decottignies (Stage-Left. Canada)

David Diamond (Headlines, Theatre. Canada)

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