The ongoing growth of Third-Way Theatre is indebted, sustained, and fostered by the multi-talented people who equally desire to interrogate ‘reality’, to bring about needed change in the world through the way we relate to ourselves, those we have constructed as other, and our natural habitat. This project, this work, is dedicated with deep gratitude to you, for your time, energy, passion – to making more than we will ever know possible.


“Not being pushed, but choosing to fall, being allowed to fall, is the hardest thing, and having people there to witness your choice, knowing that they won’t rescue you, NOR will they judge you. They will simply witness you, see you, and be with you. That is profound.” (Workshop Participant, 2005)

“This process relies on us working cooperatively. It is collaborative work. We learned how to name and analyze social struggles together, how to give each other space, improvise with the audience and make discoveries. These discoveries interestingly, are about our own AND others’ assumptions/prejudices – it’s a two-way learning.” (Workshop Participant, 2006)

“These are the kinds of moments we owe to each others’ ‘unknown’ journeys.” (Workshop Participant, 2007).

“This is not a process to be picked up, purchased, consumed, spat out and applied without thought. It is a process that requires engagement, requires asking hard questions, a consideration of the multi-faceted nature of the work. It requires tact, a sophistication of thought, of heart, of will that comes from the depths, from mulling over the invitation; mulling over, digesting, birthing, in order to give honor to truths too often silenced.” (Workshop participant, 2005)


“As groups of individuals, through a theatrical process, we struggled together to find ‘new’ ways to think about and respond to the social and political questions of our time… there is a gift in that struggle. It changes the horizon we were previously looking out on.” (Audience feedback, 2017)

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