GHUNGHAT (2011): A Forum Theatre project  initiated by the Indian – Australian Women’s community to explore barriers to accessing services for women experiencing domestic violence. The project identify the major barriers for women were in fact the struggle to identify and further to break silences (cultural or otherwise) in talking about, and naming ‘domestic violence’. Several ‘community interactive shows took place’, where the community actively participated in sharing their perspective and shaping the outcomes of the report that was tabled to the Legal Services Board. For more information on the report contact TWT.

HARD RIGHT-EASY WRONG: A project involving four inner city high – school campuses that looked at youth, drugs, alcohol and bullying. The project culminated in a student FORUM theatre performance and was performed to two separate audiences: service providers and parents, students from across the participating campuses. The project was support by Collingwood College, The Island, Department of Education and Training.

TOWING THE LINE: Forum theatre project focused on discrimination and stigma directed at people living with a mental health illness, or their carers. this project took place in response to the local communities reaction to the Department of Housing proposed funding for a rooming house. The local residents in this community responded to this idea negatively, through a fear based reaction: that a rooming house would attract more pedophiles, ‘retards’, people with mental health issues. Local agencies workers were “attacked” for their support of said community. The play was meant to examine the deep seated fears, and their consequences on the material, emotional, social lives of people living with or caring for someone with a mental health illness. The Forum was aimed at creating a shift in understanding – through asking the communities to engage with a reality and not the fiction.

WOMEN AND THE MONEY GO ROUND: A social Policy Forum Theatre piece with women from diverse walks of live, socio-economic, cultural. Piece aimed a t generating policy initiatives to address changes to ways services delivered financial literacy programs for low-income women. This project took place in conjunction with GSYFS, social policy unit.

BUS STOP: What constitutes a healthy community, what are our dreams, desires and aspirations? This Forum play, generated by community  members, was based on tan examination of what it means to encounter the ‘other’ in a public space, and how programmed we are to fear the other. The piece was set at a bus stopped and involved a woman who was highly agoraphobic and who was not “coping” with being out in public, being in the world. It explored, collective assumptions we carry into the public sphere when we come across an/other who does not respond to the world in the way we are socialized to consider normal – and how we often, despite our best intentions respond in ways the further victimize. The play was presented at the Mechanics Institute. This Forum piece was funded by Australia Council.

INSIDE-OUT: A Forum theatre project facilitated by Theatreworks Canada. TWT participated in the workshop phase, and helped the youth to create a Forum piece around gender and sexual diversity. The project was to target homophobia, bi-phobia, and trans-phobia in the wider community.

CONSUME-CONSUME-CONSUME: A Forum theatre piece auspiced by Eating disorder Foundation, Victoria that looked at the impact of the mass medias representations of the body beautiful, what it meant for those of us who dont fit the stereotypes, or feel we dont, or even the gender normative representations. This FORUM theatre performance involved local community members. It was performed at the Chalice in Northcote. It was co-joked with David Diamond of Headlines Theatre, Vancouver Canada.

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