Addressing Injustices a workshop with Vikki Reynolds from B.C. Canada (Hobart, Tasmania) June 8/9th 

VR Workshop Final.jpg


SPECTRUM (2014-15): Forum Theatre project focused on working with newly arrived communities from South Sudan, Afghani

stan, India, and Iraq. Project scales issues of relocation, displacement, representation, a rights,  racialisation, cultural identity, cultural traditions, and how all of this butts up against differing understandings of gender right in the process of contributing to tensions in settlement. We are working on a Forum Theatre pilot project that will incorporate Legislative Theatre. Our work is with two newly arrived communities and is sponsored by Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre. This work attempts to address settlement issues on arrival into a new country. This project initially involves working with recently arrived communities from South Sudan, and the Indian-Australian community.

BELONGING TO COUNTRY (2012-2014): Focuses on questions of how non-indigenous Australians, as Peter Read asks in his book Belonging; “justify our continuous presence and our love for this country while the Indigenous people remain dispossessed and their history unacknowledged?” This workshop run in conjunction with a Gunditjmara woman, seeks to use Theatre of the Oppressed techniques to look at entitlement, privilege; how one might breakdown silences to become better enabled to speak about the ongoing impacts of colonising consciousness and actions. We are working towards the creation of a Forum Theatre piece to be performed in the New Year.Takin up space project: I am also her. TWT in collaboration with Penny Glass (Colectivo Sustento) and Barbara Santos (Kuringa Berlin and CTO Rio) in 2013, will be hosting a series of community workshops to explore gender oppression. In July/August 2012, meetings and women gatherings were held in Brisbane, Byron Bay and Melbourne, and explored the theme: women, who wrote the scripts?  In this project we will be investigating the way in which traditional narratives, sociopolitical and cultural narratives are being played out, in ways that reinforce oppressive perspectives or ‘gendered possibilities’. The 2013 workshops are for those who are deeply wanting to engage with others around this theme, and work towards creating “interruptions” to be performed in public spaces, as a preliminary body of work to a larger theatre production scheduled for 2014.

Turning over the Stones: Starts November 2012 with Adrian Jackson from Cardboard Citizens visit, with a small group from the community we will use image theatre to reflect on Australian identity in a Globalised world. This work stems from Terry O’Leary (of Cardboard Citizens) visit. Where Terry, in her travels to Australian, and her thinking through the lens of  Theatre of the Oppressed practitioner, reflected on struggles, complexities of what it means to be an Australian in the context of historical, and contemporary context of genocide, xenophobia. Turning over the stops is a critical and reflective pause to ask, in order to then take action.

TWT is engaging in working with GABFAI a community theatre company based in Chiang Mai – Thailand. GABFAI has an extensive involvement of working with state-less people both Burmese migrants and hill tribe communities, transferring knowledge on how to use theatre as popular media. Their projects focuses on skill sharing, and raising awareness around trafficking. In addition to their work on trafficking and displacement, GABFAI has been instrumental in developing and mentoring UNITED ACT. TWT worked with United Act, a youth Theatre group from Burma, on a show about child soldiers for a piece that won the 2010 Freedom to Create awards in Cario .

GABFAI Community Theatre (Chiang Mai, Thailand). Xris is working with Snuff Puppets and GABFAI, to coordinate and facilitate a project with International school students and youth from Hill Tribe communities, called a Place to dream. This project involves working with dreams as a point of entry into reflecting on ones dreams and differences in dreams. The outcomes will involve a spectacle for the communities which will include Giant Puppets.

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