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TO / TFL training 2013-14

2013-2014 Training: We are starting up our new TO ‘training’ calendar. Commencing at the end of this year running through until next year. For many reasons, we have chosen a new approach. We are offering a year long TO mentor in action – program. This program will offer opportunities to learn from a range of different facilitators who will run workshops focused not just on techniques, but on praxis, particularly how praxis relates to certain issues (Gender, Conflict, Anti-racism and more). In the space between workshops, we will host informal reflective groups to talk about how we are navigating the application of what we are learning. These groups will either be face to face or via skype. One of our first facilitators will be S.Leigh Thompson from the Forum Project NY.

S.Leigh will be running a 101 anti-oppressive praxis / TO workshop followed by a workshop on gender: beyond binaries. Future guest facilitators will be coming out from Brazil, Israel, Colombia, and South East Asia. The co-mentoring project hopes that by running workshops and meeting it will give people an opportunity to talk through techniques, the challenges of theory and practice. Our aim is to move beyond TO as a tool kit, to deeply reflect on different ways, and their meanings to engage with the work, that needs to be pulled a part and critiqued and examined in the context of the politics of creative industries and what Augusto Boal called a rehearsal for life/for a revolution. We are hoping to offer a space to think about facilitating the work, motivations – locations etc, an to explore what brings us to an anti-oppressive practice, howwe navigate our desire for change in the face of a increasing Neo-liberal value system. If you want more info, or to stay in the loop re this training – send us an email.