Snuff Puppets in Thailand. We made it happen!

Unbalanced manTWT invited local Thai artists and activists to a ten-day workshop with guest facilitators from the SNUFF PUPPETS. The workshop was held in Chiang Mai, Thailand and has been the culmination of determined submission writing for close on 18 months. The project involved nine days of hands on puppet building around the theme of the impacts of globalization. It culminated in two experimental showings of the puppets, in a public space: at the 3 Kings, and a public park in the south-west of the old city.  Since then, the puppets have been put to use in a surprise interruption in a local village. There are also plans a foot to use the puppets to mount a play focused on talking about deforestation, tourism, globalization, and of course how all of that ties in to ‘trafficking’. Third Way Theatre sends a big thanks to the following artists: Chompunuchh Supa (Rajabat University – Dramatic Arts), Jutmamat (Rajabat University – Dramatic Arts), Jiratchaya Pripwai (Visual Artist), Wichan Tala (CM Green City), Sutarath Sinnong (Home Made Puppet Company), Preeyakanol Noykorn (Sharing Dream and Mind), Omphan Lutgenhorst (Empty Space and Puppets without Borders), Jae Sirikarn Bunjongtad (Makhampom Chiang), Bank (Sustainable City) Myriam Bourez (ACTORS, France, and TWT), AND an especially big thanks too: Sasiton Kamrit (Gabfai Ctp). Amerin Plengursme (GABFAI), Meeber Lacsoeh, Wandering Moon for the space and of course, not to be forgotten: all those who dropped in and picked up a paint brush, glue gun, or just get us going with their enthusiasm. And finally big thanks to Snuff Puppets who agreed to come out and host this PD opportunity.


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