Third Way Theatre acknowledge that we live and work on Aboriginal people’s Country, and that sovereignty was never ceded.

Background: TWT sees theatre as an alternative media; a means to creatively take back public space in order to generate public dialogue and around issues that impact on peoples rights and dignity. We use theatre to ensure voices that are not heard, or misrepresented can take up space, theatre is a tool to deconstruct relationships of power,  speak back, explore the impacts of systems of injustice through lived experiences, as pathways to justice, rights / dignity.

Methodology: TWT primarily draws on the methods and commitment of Brazilian artist and activist, Augusto Boal. Boal systematized Theatre of the Oppressed (TO). TO is an arsenal of  techniques used to question realities of oppression; where certain voices are silenced, perceptions atrophied, and rights denied at great costs. Forum Theatre, one of the TO techniques TWT uses with, for and by community assists this aim. Our other work, such as “I am also her”, whilst not TO, nor Forum Theatre, also focuses on the above commitment. TWT is also indebted to Headlines Theatre’s framing of Boal’s work; in centering a practice committed to an ethical practice – telling the deepest truths, and stepping outside the simplifying complexity into naming the oppressed, oppressor, whilst still focusing on oppression and oppressive behaviors.

Our philosophical framing is embedded in an anti-binary model focused on the valuing of indigenous methodologies, chaos theory, ecological and feminist perspectives. We centre the belief that cultural transformations need to be grounded in ways that take us  beyond good/bad/right/wrong.  Only through hope, imagination and solidarity can there be  movement  beyond the current “matrix”.


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